The freshness of fragrance from the bamboo brings the feeling of a cool and clean bamboo garden to the people, there is a hint of the pure and simple scent of mandarin oranges floating in the air, and a type of calm air surrounding the tip of the nose.

Blended with: bergamot, green bamboo, jasmine , muguet , mandarin

Candle Weight: 140g
Diameter: 7.9cm (H) x 6.7cm (W)
Burning Hours: Approx. 28-30 Hours+

 Hand poured scented candle
–  100% ECO premium soy wax imported from United States
–  CW cosmetic grade fragrance imported from Korea
–  ECO-Friendly candle wick
– Special designed packaging

Direction for use:

  1. When using the candle for the first time, please burn the candle for a period of 1 – 5 hours to achieve the result of a flat surface of melted wax for a better experience.
  2. It can be extinguisher after burning for 1.5 – 2 hours each time, and fragrance will remain in an enclosed space.
  3. When distinguishing it, please use a candle snuffer or a toothpick instead of using your mouth.
  4. It is necessary to trim the candle wick, keeping the candlewick about 2cm. In order to avoid the flame burns too big, affects the lifespan.
  5. When using the candle, avoid placing it under the fan or near the air vent.

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