Endless joy Moments

On the 6th of August 2018, Bull and Rabbit came into being. An official store was launched on the 10th of October 2018 at 10.10. We believe in achieving perfection, which is why we always aim for a 10, and 10.10 reminds us of the promise we made to ourselves and our customers.

With complete transparency, we pledge to offer a creative, and quality service to support you through your journey in life. As we believe that we will grow with you, and there is nothing better than growing together.

The brand name comes from a special memory that came up after a great deal of discussion. As we did not wish to hide behind any glamorous, we decided to name the company after a special memory created during the process of creation. Reminding us of who we are, and allowing us to stay true to the brand and what it represents.

With bull and rabbit, you get the quality and toughness of a bull, with the beautiful and soft touch of a rabbit. Creating the ultimate collaboration that takes positive aspects of both sides and brings forward perfection.

Our company comprises of a passionate team, who believe in and love what we do. Offering our clients personalized balloons to match the event allows us to be a part of your happy memories. For a minute or two we become your partners in planning a party, and let me just say that we do love to help out! Which is one of the reasons why we are offering you quality, pretty, and affordable balloons that match the occasion you are celebrating.