Foil Balloons For Birthdays

Have you heard of balloons? Well of course you have but do you know about Foil Balloons. You might have seen them in other’s parties or in movies but you might not know their name till now.

Learn about Foil Balloons!!

In the late 1970s, a little bit expensive and longer lasting balloons were made with thin, unstretchable, and less permeable metalized films. These balloons had a shiny reflective surface and had pictures printed on them. With various colors and patterns combinations, the balloons got popular for parties like birthday parties and anniversaries.

The most important part of the metalized nylon is its lightweight, has higher buoyancy and the ability to keep the helium gas from escaping. These foil balloons can last for several weeks if you want to. It is because of their usefulness people preferred to use these balloons for festive occasions and party’s decoration.

You can find the balloons in various shapes and sizes with interactive and interesting designs to light up your days. And when you are planning a birthday, what else could be a great thing for decoration.

So, if you are planning on giving your loved ones a cool and popping surprise, then mix and match the balloons with various other decorative items. And when the decoration lasts for weeks, they would wake up to a beautiful room with happy vibes.

As you now know that you can get imaginative and creative with the foil balloons, you should know the right place to buy high-quality balloons. After all, you can’t trust anyone who sells balloons around the city. That’s why Bull and Rabbit is here for you. They’ve got the most unique designs with quality service and that’s how you know that you are buying from the best.

Now you must be thinking why the name Bull and Rabbit, right? Its because they provide quality and toughness of a bull and the beauty and soft touch just like a rabbit. So, if you want to see a big smile on your partner’s, daughter’s, or grandkid’s face, then you know which brand is your go-to destination for foil balloons.

The brand is constantly trying to come up with new ideas to make your special events and parties more special. The company has a passionate team which understands the value of family events. And that’s why they intend to make the special moments even more memorable.

You can easily shop the foil balloons and other party decoration from the official website. They also have an online shopping website and social media pages too from where you can place orders. The service also delivers the balloons and other decoration stuff within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. So, if you want your friends or anyone else’s birthday all lit up, then you better try using Bull and Rabbit Foil Balloons.

There is no doubt that there is something about the balloons that make everyone happy. And that’s the main of Bull and Rabbit.

  • [NEW] Cova Organic Number Foil Balloonballoon surprise box dodie
    [NEW] Cova Organic Number Foil Balloon
  • Pink-Lara-Metallic-balloon-Bunch-(6-pcs)Classic-Gold-Metallic-Balloon-Bunch-(6-pcs)
    12″ Helium Metallic Latex Balloon – per piece @ RM6.90 each
  • 16
    16″ Bride To Be Balloon set – Filled with Normal Air
  • Number 16_ Foil Balloon 11. 16 Inch Rose Gold Number Foil Balloon
    16″ Number Foil Balloon – Filled with Normal Air
  • Rose Gold 18 Heart Foil BallonRed Heart shaped 18 foil balloon
    18″ Heart Shaped Foil Balloon RM 29.90/each
  • Rose Gold Star 18 Foil BalloonSilver Star Shaped 18 Foil Balloon
    18″ Star Shaped Foil Balloon (RM 29.90/each)
  • Baby Girl Balloon
    Baby Girl Stroller Balloon – Include Helium
  • bullandrabbit_cadynumber_foilballoonbullandrabbit_cadynumber_foilballoon 2
    Cady Number Foil Garland Balloon with Design
  • Champagne Balloon
    Champagne Balloon – Include Helium
  • Diamond Ring Balloon
    Diamond Ring Balloon – Include Helium
  • Floral Balloon (Small) (1)
    Flora Balloon (Small) – Include Helium