• Number Foil Balloon BunchNumber Foil Balloon Bunch
    Number Foil Balloon Bunch
  • IMG_20211206Pastel Macaron Bubble Balloon
    Macaron Bubble Garland
  • bullandrabbit_cadynumber_foilballoonbullandrabbit_cadynumber_foilballoon 2
    Cady Number Foil Garland Balloon with Design
  • bullandrabbit_narey_balloonboxbullandrabbit_narey_balloonbox 2
    [NEW] Narey Balloon Snack Box
  • Bullandrabbit_Birthdayflowerbloomboxbirthdayballoon_flowerbox 2
    Birthday Balloon Flower Bloom Box
  • bullandrabbit_ciceballoon_flowerboxciceballoon_flowerbox 2
    Cice Balloon Fresh Flower Box
  • bullandrabbit_culey_flowerballooboxbullandrabbit_culey_flowerballoobox 2
    Culey Balloon Fresh Flower Box
  • bullandrabbit_lareyballoonsnackboxbullandrabbit_lareyballoonsnackbox3
    Larey Snacks Box (NEW)
  • Lucky Cat fortune balloon boxLucky Cat fortune balloon box
    Lucky Cat Fortune Balloon Flower Bloom Box
  • unicornballoon flowerboxunicornballoon flowerbox 2
    Unicorn Balloon Flower Bloom Box
  • Surprise Balloon Box Macyballoon surprise box dodie
    Balloon Surprise Box Macy
  • Balloon Surprise Box Mileytransparent bubble balloon surprise box
    Balloon Surprise Box Miley
  • Balloon-Surprise-Box-HelenaBalloon Surprise Box Desirey 2
    Balloon Surprise Box Helena
  • Balloon Surprise Box Mableconfetti colour
    Balloon Surprise Box Mable
  • Balloon Surprise Box CharmBalloon Surprise Box Charm
    Balloon Surprise Box Charm
  • balloon boxsurprise box dallin
    Balloon Surprise Box Dallin
  • balloon surpriseballoon surprise box diane
    Balloon Surprise Box Diane
  • BullandRabbit_BellaBalloonBunchjpgBullandRabbit_BellaBalloonBunchjpg
    Bella Balloon Bunch
  • Classic-Gold-Meera-BunchPink-Lara-Meera-Bunch
    Boble Balloon Bunch
  • Clara Bubble Balloon Bunch -PinkRexley Balloon Bunch
    Clara Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • dafina chrome bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Dafina Chrome Bunch
  • denley chrome bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Denley Chrome Bunch
  • Divinebunch balloonballoon2
    Divine Chrome Bunch
  • Miley Bubble Balloon Bunch pinkMiley 20210809A
    Miley Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • BullandRabbit_Cowie_FreshFlowerBullandRabbit_Cowie_Freshflower 2
    [NEW] Cowie Ferrero Flower Bouquet ( Fresh Flower )
  • Caley Flower Bouquet ( Fresh Flower )BullandRabbit_caleyflowerbouquet2
    Caley Flower Bouquet ( Fresh Flower )
  • cathyballoon freshflowercathyballoon freshflower 2
    Cathy Balloon Flower Box
  • BullandRabbit_CelineBouquetBullandRabbit_CelineBouquet1
    Celine Flower Bouquet ( Fresh Flower )
  • Bull & Rabbit | Delly Fresh Flower BouquetBull & Rabbit | Delly Fresh Flower Bouquet
    Delly Bouquet
  • Derica Flower BoxDericaballoon_flowerbox
    Derica Balloon Flower Box
  • Bull and Rabbit | Dolly Bouquet Fresh FlowerBull and Rabbit | Dolly Fresh Flower
    Dolly Bouquet
  • bullandrabbit_dove_flowerboxbullandrabbit_dove_flowerbox
    Dove Flower Box
  • Ameera 24balloon surprise box dodie 3
    Ameera 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Athirah 24 Bubble Balloonballoon surprise box dodie 3
    Athirah 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • customized your own 18Customised your own 18
    Customized Your Own 18″ Bubble
  • customized your ballooncustomized your balloon
    Customized your own 36″ Balloon
  • Unicorn 24 Bubble Balloonglitter colour
    Unicorn 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Classic Gold
    Classic Gold
  • Confetty Metallic balloon Bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Confetty Metallic balloon Bunch
  • dino chrome bunch
    Dino Chrome Bunch
  • Pastel Rainbow
    Pastel Rainbow
  • Pink Lara
    Pink Lara
    • Pink Lara
    • Pink Lara

    • (15)
    • RM69.00
  • Purple Manhattan
    Purple Manhattan
  • Diamond Ring Balloon
    Diamond Ring Balloon – Include Helium
  • Baby Girl Balloon
    Baby Girl Stroller Balloon – Include Helium
  • 16
    16″ WILL YOU MARRY ME set – Filled with Normal Air
  • happy-birthday-foil
    16″ HAPPY BIRTHDAY Balloon set (In a Packet)


 Birthday Balloons 

Now, balloons are an integral part of the birthday celebration. They symbolize cheer, joy, lightness of sorrow. In fact, they are widely used at birthday parties of kid’s in Sydney and all over the world. Birthday balloons are like the most essential things for kid’s parties. As kids love balloons and that’s why birthday celebrations will not be interesting and fun if they do not find balloons around.

Birthday balloons come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Luckily, now you can have balloons for the birthday celebration of your choice and all thanks go to the Bull and Rabbit, who sell all types of balloons having different color, shape, and size to choose from. 

Whether you want a single balloon or a complete balloon bouquet, Bull and Rabbit e-store offers birthday balloons kl delivery services at your doorsteps. With a birthday balloon, you can add extra relish to your birthday celebrations. 

There are many decoration ideas related to balloons you can use, such as:

You can use multicolored balloons rather Happy Birthday Banners to write the things whatever you want.
You can create flowers, and arches with balloons and then, you can hand them to your home walls.

The best thing about the balloons is that you can play different games with balloons in birthday parts, such as:

Balloon Catch Game: In this game, just make the kids stand around you and then, throw the balloon into the air. Next, you just have to call out any random kid name and the main purpose of the kind is to catch the balloon before it reaches the ground.

Balloon Popping: It is one of the most famous games played at the birthday party of kids. As the party is reaching an end, you can fill the floor with different color balloons and then, let the kids pop them. This will truly create a lot of joy and cheer among all the kids.

Birthdays are a time to celebrate and cherish life and no matter how old or young you are, your birthday party is incomplete without different and colorful balloons. Colorful balloons always attract us and that’s why imagining a birthday party without balloons is impossible. Without any doubt, Birthday balloon is powerful enough to bring a smile on each and every face.

Moreover, Balloons are known as a sign of happiness, joy, and love. In fact, they convey the message of liveliness and enthusiasm in any celebration gathering. If you want to make someone’s birthday amazing and cheerful, then choose the surprise balloon box delivery services Bull and Rabbit e-store.

At Bull and Rabbit, you can have many types of balloons, such as Bubble, Latex and Foil. We are known for giving people endless joy and cheer moments that they never forget in their life. We deliver Birthday balloons deliver in KL & Selangor for every type of occasions. In fact, you can have quality, and pretty yet affordable balloons that suit the occasion you are planning to celebrate. So, log on to Bullandrabbit.com.my and start shopping for balloons.