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  • Athirah 24 Bubble Balloonballoon surprise box dodie 3
    Athirah 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Bullandrabbit_Birthdayflowerbloomboxbirthdayballoon_flowerbox 2
    Birthday Balloon Flower Bloom Box
  • Ameera 24balloon surprise box dodie 3
    Ameera 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Balloon-Surprise-Box-HelenaBalloon Surprise Box Desirey 2
    Balloon Surprise Box Helena
  • Classic-Gold-Meera-BunchPink-Lara-Meera-Bunch
    Boble Balloon Bunch
  • Surprise Balloon Box Macyballoon surprise box dodie
    Balloon Surprise Box Macy
  • BullandRabbit_BellaBalloonBunchjpgBullandRabbit_BellaBalloonBunchjpg
    Bella Balloon Bunch
  • Aryn Bubble Balloon Bunch pinkAryn Blue
    Aryn Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • bullandrabbit_narey_balloonboxbullandrabbit_narey_balloonbox 2
    [NEW] Narey Balloon Snack Box
  • bullandrabbit_culey_flowerballooboxbullandrabbit_culey_flowerballoobox 2
    Culey Balloon Fresh Flower Box
  • Balloon Surprise Box Heraballoon surprise box dodie
    Balloon Surprise Box Hera
  • Greyson Bubble Balloon BunchClara Bubble Balloon Bunch -Pink
    Greyson Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • Sophea Balloon Flower boxSophea Balloon Flower box
    Sophea Balloon Flower Bloom Box
  • Unicorn 24 Bubble Balloonglitter colour
    Unicorn 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Covy Number Foil Balloon Bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Covy Number Foil Balloon Bunch
  • Transparent Balloon Bunch 2edith bubble balloon bunch
    Maison Bubble Balloon
  • Bull & Rabbit | Delivery in KL & SelangorKylie Bubble Balloon Bunch
    Meera Balloon Bunch
  • Lucky Cat fortune balloon boxLucky Cat fortune balloon box
    Lucky Cat Fortune Balloon Flower Bloom Box
  • Clara Bubble Balloon Bunch -PinkRexley Balloon Bunch
    Clara Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • ferreroballoon snackboxferreroballoon snackbox 2
    Ferrero Balloon Snack Box
  • Balloon Surprise Box PastelBalloon Surprise Box Pastel
    Balloon Surprise Box Pastel
  • bullandrabbit_lareyballoonsnackboxbullandrabbit_lareyballoonsnackbox3
    Larey Snacks Box (NEW)
  • dafina chrome bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Dafina Chrome Bunch
  • bullandrabbit_angelaballoon_flowerboxbullandrabbit_angelaballoon_flowerbox 2
    Angela Balloon Flower Bloom Box
  • Gender Reveal Balloon Surprise BoxGender Reveal Balloon Surprise Box
    Gender Reveal Balloon Surprise Box
  • transparent bubble balloon surprise boxSurprise Balloon Box
    Balloon Surprise Box Nala
  • Rexley Balloon BunchRexley Bunch_BullandRabbit_balloon
    Rexley Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • Marble Balloon Bunchconfetti colour
    Mable Marble Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • customized 24 bubble balloonCustomised your own 18
    Customized Your Own 24″ Bubble
  • Leanne 24 Bubble Balloonballoon surprise box dodie 3
    Leanne 24″ Bubble Balloon filled with Helium Gas
  • unicornballoon flowerboxunicornballoon flowerbox 2
    Unicorn Balloon Flower Bloom Box
  • Bernice Bubble Balloonballoon surprise box dodie
    Bernice Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • Girlboss Balloon BunchBoble Balloon Bunch (1)
    Girlboss Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • bullandrabbit_ferrero+flower_Balloonboxbullandrabbit_ferrero+flower_Balloonbox 2
    Ferrero + Flower Balloon Box
  • Giant Number Bubble Balloon BunchGiant Number Bubble Balloon Bunch
    Giant Number Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • balloon surpriseballoon surprise box diane
    Balloon Surprise Box Diane
  • Kylie Bubble Balloon BunchPink-Lara-Meera-Bunch
    Kylie Balloon Bunch
  • [NEW] Kingston 18 Inch Bubble Balloon filled with Helium Gas[NEW] Kingston 18 Inch Bubble Balloon filled with Helium Gas
    [NEW] Kingston 18 Inch Bubble Balloon filled with Helium Gas
  • Miley Bubble Balloon Bunch pinkMiley 20210809A
    Miley Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • Balloon Surprise Box DesireyBalloon Surprise Box Desirey 2
    Balloon Surprise Box Desirey
  • balloon boxsurprise box dallin
    Balloon Surprise Box Dallin
  • Unicornbox flowerchocolate | Bull & RabbitUnicornbox flowerchocolate 3 | Bull & Rabbit
    Unicorn Ferrero + Flower Balloon Box
  • Black Marble Balloon Bunch
    Black Marble balloon Bunch
  • babygenderreveal balloonbabygenderreveal_balloon 3
    Baby Gender Reveal Balloon Hug
  • denley chrome bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Denley Chrome Bunch
  • Hailey Bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Hailey Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • Chrome Balloon Flower BouquetChrome Balloon Flower Bouquet
    Chrome Balloon Flower Bouquet
  • Double Maison Bubble Balloon BunchDouble Maision Bubble Balloon Bunch
    Double Maison Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • Classic Glitter Bubble Balloonglitter colour
    Classic Glitter 24″ Bubble Balloon filled with normal air
  • Rayley Bubble Balloon Bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Rayley Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • BnR_Noble_Balloon_Bunch_Gold-square-v2balloon surprise box dodie
    Noble Balloon Bunch
  • Louise Confettyconfetti colour
    Louise Confetty 24″ Bubble Balloon Filled with Helium Gas
  • Balloon Surprise Box Mableconfetti colour
    Balloon Surprise Box Mable
  • edith bubble balloon bunchTransparent Balloon Bunch 2
    Edith Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • Shiney Glitter 24glitter colour
    Shiney Glitter 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Will You Marry me (w)Will You Marry me (w)
    Classic 18 Inch Themed Bubble Balloon
  • Balloon Surprise Box Mileytransparent bubble balloon surprise box
    Balloon Surprise Box Miley
  • Bullandrabbit_genderreveal_balloonbunchcustomized your balloon
    36″ Gender Reveal Balloon Bunch
  • Hayden Balloon BunchHailey Balloon Bunch-2
    Hayden Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • Divinebunch balloonballoon2
    Divine Chrome Bunch
  • chrome bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Denine Chrome Bunch
  • dreamy chrome bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Dreamy Chrome Bunch
  • Cheerful 24Cheerful 24
    Cheerful 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • customized bubble ballooncustomized_bubble balloon 2
    Customized Bubble Garland
  • Teddy Bear on Cloud BalloonTeddy Bear on Cloud Balloon
    Teddy Bear on Cloud Balloon


Birthday Balloon

Balloons are one of the most popular additions to any celebration or gathering, especially birthday parties. Birthday balloons are must in birthday celebrations irrespective of age. Birthday party seems to be incomplete if there are no balloons in the party. At Bull and Rabbit, we provide a wide variety of colors and shapes for balloons you can choose from. Also, we offer surprise balloon box delivery in Kuala Lumpur.

Do you really want to celebrate your birthday party or your loved one birthday party in a memorable and special way? Then, go to and shop online for your birthday balloon that can surely make your birthday unforgettable one. We promise you to offer balloons for birthday celebrations that will bring a spark in your day. In addition to this, we also offer to customize balloon Malaysia delivery services.

At present time, birthday balloons have become a very important part of celebrating birthdays. However, have you ever wondered what the reason behind the tradition of using balloons in celebrating your birthday is? Where does the birthday’s balloons idea come from? So, let’s get into the history of the balloon for birthdays.

The History of Balloon for Birthdays

Firstly, balloons were primarily used for transportation and scientific experiments. However, this use was not long until it found another way as a fun instrument in hands of people. The first rubber balloon was made in the early 19th century by Michael Faraday, who is a British scientist. He did not invent the balloon for celebrating his birthday, but he invented it so that he can use it in his laboratory.

Furthermore, his rubber balloon version was wholly different from the designs that you see on a regular occurrence. Faraday attained this balloon by laying out the two sheets of rubber on the top of each other, and then, placed flour in the middle in order to avoid layers from joining entirely. Finally, he sealed sheets together at the edges. In addition to it, he further found that when he filled the balloons with hydrogen, they rose comparatively effectively and quickly. But, he was saddened when he further realized that the gas i.e. hydrogen was escaping continuously. At that time, it can’t help because his balloon version was not put together very well.

The next year, Thomas Hancock, who is a British inventor and rubber manufacturer, began selling balloon making tools or kits. By 1847, London businessmen or British entrepreneurs were distributing the first balloons made of vulcanized rubber, which means balloon would be more elastic, and tougher. In the UK, the balloons introduction was received very well and in fact, many papers all over the world declared that the balloons would be used widely in many situations, like the military, entertainment business and much more.

Until the 20the century, rubber balloons were not designed in the US, but their recognition increased significantly throughout the century. In 1912, the first variation of a standard rubber balloon, known as a modeling balloon and sausage balloon was manufactured. After a few decades, there was an introduction of another kind of balloon, called the foil balloon.

The major advantages of foil balloons are their shapes were far better than rubber balloons, and could even be used to spread messages, such as “Happy Birthday” and much more. And that’s how birthday balloon idea is introduced in the world!!