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    Caramel Chocolate Cake
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    The Butter Cake Factory (Joey)
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    8 Sensations – Ice Cream
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    Shape of My Heart – Ice Cream
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Birthday Cake Delivery in KL & Selangor

A birthday is not complete until and unless you have a birthday cake. It does not matter how young or old you are, you will never forget the cakes you have had on your birthdays. You can count on us for cake delivery kl services. Only when you slice your cake is a birthday complete. Have you ever wondered why?

According to history, the first ever birthday cake was made in Germany during the middle ages. They had a special tradition which included celebrating kids birthdays with cake. However, it wasn’t called a birthday back then, it was referred to as a celebration of Kinder feast. Additionally, back then birthday cakes were more like bread, but with the passage of time, they became much sweeter.

The tradition changed during the 15th century when German bakeries started to market these single layered cakes for birthdays, and thus the tradition of cutting a cake on birthdays was born. It wasn’t until the 17th century when the birthday cake took on a contemporary form, and we started to see more elaborated cake forms. These included multiple layers, icing, and decorations. However, back then these cakes were only offered to the upper class. At Bull and Rabbit, we bake the best birthday cake in kl! Contact us to place your order now!