• Cham Cake
    Cham Cake
    • Cham Cake
    • Cham Cake

    • (2)
    • RM89.00
  • Chantilly Cake
    Chantilly Cake
  • Mom's Walnut Carrot Cake
    Mom’s Walnut Carrot Cake
  • Greentea Sponge Cake
    Greentea Sponge Cake
  • Chocolate Banana Sponge Cake
    Chocolate Banana Sponge Cake
  • Callebaut Chocolate-01Callebaut Chocolate-03
    Callebaut Chocolate Cake
  • Chocolate Brownie-01Chocolate-Brownie-02
    Chocolate Brownie Cake
  • Snickers Chocolate-03Snickers Chocolate-02
    Snickers Chocolate Cake
  • Opera Cake-01
    Classic Opera Cake
  • Raspberry Cake-2
    Raspberry Cake
  • Gianduja Cake
    Gianduja Chocolate Cake
  • Red velvet cake
    Red Velvet Cake
  • over the rainbow cake imresizerover rainbow cake2
    Over The Rainbow Cake
  • bullandrabbit_chocolatecoffee_chessecakebullandrabbit_chocolatecoffee_chessecake 2
    Chocolate Coffee Cheesecake
  • bullandrabbit_kurmacheese_cakebullandrabbit_kurma_cheesecake 2
    Kurma Cheesecake
  • Mango Jelly CheesecakeMango Jelly Cheesecake 2
    Mango Jelly Cheesecake
  • Yuzu Cheesecake 1Yuzu Cheesecake 3
    Triple Chocolate Cheesecake
  • Mixed Berry Cheese Cake
    Mixed Berry Cheesecake
  • Oreo Cheesecake
    Oreo Cheese Cake
  • New York Cheese Cake
    New York Cheese Cake
  • bullandrabbit_Yuzu3_CrepeCake
    Yuzu Crepe Cake
  • Fan-Ten-Tic Cake1Fan-Ten-Tic Cake
    Fan-Ten-Tic Cake
  • madagascar_crepecakemadagascar_crepecake (2)
    Madagascar Vanilla Crepe Cake
  • mangoandpassion_crepecakemangoandpassion_crepecake (2)
    Mango &Passion Fruits Crepe Cake
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  • neapolitan cakeneapolitan seminaked cake
    Neapolitan Cake
  • ruby velvet cakeruby velvet seminaked cake
    Ruby Velvet Cake
  • strawberry victoria cakestrawberry victoria seminaked cake
    Strawberry Victoria Cake
  • caramel chocolate cakecaramel chocolate seminaked cake
    Caramel Chocolate Cake
  • Mr. Money Designer CakeMr. Money Designer Cake 2
    Mr. Money Cake
  • Beloved father's cakeBeloved father's cake
    Beloved Father’s Cake
  • the butter cake factory (joey)
    The Butter Cake Factory (Joey)
  • coffeemug_designercakecoffeemug designercake 2
    Coffee Mug Cake
  • bestdad designercakebestdad designercake 2
    Best Dad Cake
  • Blue Mermaid Coral Cake1Blue Mermaid Coral Cake2
    Blue Mermaid Coral Cake
  • Rose Coral Cake1Rose Coral Cake2
    Rose Coral Cake
  • Flower bouquet cake1Flower bouquet cake
    Flower Bouquet Cake
  • Miracle Cake 1
    Miracle Cake
  • Roses CakeRoses Cake
    Roses Cake
  • chupa chups pinkchupa chups blue
    Chupa Chups Cake
  • donut cake new 01donut cake new 02-800x800
    Donut Cake
  • Isabella Floral CakeeeIsabella Floral Cake2
    Isabella Cake Designer
  • Magnifique Cake imresizerMagnifique Cake2 imresizer
    Magnifique Cake
  • majestic-lion_smallcrown_editedmajestic-lion-crown zoomed-800-x-800
    Majestic Lion Cake
  • Midnight Black Designer CakeMidnight Black Designer Cake2
    Midnight Black Designer Cake
  • Candy Wonderland Designer CakeCandy Wonderland Designer Cake2
    Candy Wonderland Designer Cake
  • Carousel cake blue2Carousel cake pink
    Carousel Designer Cake
  • Unicorn designer cake imresizerUnicorn designer cake2 imresizer
    Unicorn Designer Cake
  • Shape of My Heart - Ice Cream
    Shape of My Heart – Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Cupcakes-01Chocolate Cupcakes-02
    Cocoa Bonbon Cupcakes (6pcs)
  • Rainbow Macarons-01Rainbow Macarons-02
    Rainbow Macarons Cupcakes (6pcs)
  • Rosie Cupcakes-01Rosie Cupcakes-02
    Rosie Cupcakes (6pcs)
  • Very Berries-01-555x555Very Berries-02
    Very Berries Cupcakes (6pcs)
  • Candy Funland-01Candy Funland-02
    Candy Funland Cupcakes (6pcs)
ChocolateTruffle & Praline_Banner
  • truffle and praline chocolatetruffle and praline chocolate 2
    Chocolate Truffles and Pralines
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