• Trex Bunches 1
    Trex Bunch
    • Trex Bunch
    • Trex Bunch

    • (1)
    • RM89.00
  • Chrome Balloon Flower BouquetChrome Balloon Flower Bouquet
    Chrome Balloon Flower Bouquet
  • Dinasour Bunch-resize
    Dinosaur Bunch
    • Sale!
      Dinosaur Bunch
    • Dinosaur Bunch

    • (1)
    • RM88.00
  • IMG_20211206Pastel Macaron Bubble Balloon
    Macaron Bubble Garland
  • RocketbunchRocket 2
    Rocket Bunch
  • BNR Balloon Hugballoon surprise box dodie
    BNR Balloon Hug
    • Sale!
      BNR Balloon Hug
    • BNR Balloon Hug

    • (3)
    • RM189.00
  • Mermaid Tail Bunch-resize
    Mermaid Tail Bunch
  • Bull & Rabbit Lion BalloonBull & Rabbit Lion Balloon
    Little Lion Bunch
  • [NEW] Fleur Balloon Box[NEW] Fleur Balloon Box
    [NEW] Fleur Balloon Box
  • Bee Bee Bunch-resize
    Bee Bee Bunch
  • New Balloon Website White-10-imresizerPastel Shell Bunch-resize
    Double Fairytale Bunch
  • Tulip Balloon Flower BouquetTulip Balloon Flower Bouquet
    Tulip Balloon Flower Bouquet
  • Gender Balloon Pinkava bubble balloon
    Ava 24” Bubble Balloon
  • Pastel Shell Bunch-resize
    Pastel Shell Bunch
  • bullandrabbit_floyd_balloonboxbullandrabbit_floyd_balloonbox 3
    [NEW] Floyd Balloon Box
  • Monkey 3Monkey 1
    Monkey Bunch
  • Cheerful 24Cheerful 24
    Cheerful 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Birthday Cake BalloonBirthday Cake Balloon
    Birthday Cake Balloon
  • customized bubble ballooncustomized_bubble balloon 2
    Customized Bubble Garland
  • Teddy Bear on Cloud BalloonTeddy Bear on Cloud Balloon
    Teddy Bear on Cloud Balloon
  • Bootiful Balloon Flower GarlandBootiful Balloon Flower Garland
    Bootiful Balloon Flower Garland
Kids Balloon Banner
  • Love latex balloon 1
    Love Balloon Bunch
  • chrome bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Denine Chrome Bunch
  • Purple Manhattan
    Purple Manhattan
  • Blue Round balloon
    Baby Round Blue
  • [NEW] Cova Organic Number Foil Balloonballoon surprise box dodie
    [NEW] Cova Organic Number Foil Balloon
  • dino chrome bunch
    Dino Chrome Bunch
  • Mint Balloon Bunch
    Minty Metallic balloon Bunch
  • metallic latex balloon bunch
    Nighty Metallic balloon Bunch
  • Classic Gold
    Classic Gold
  • Pink Lara
    Pink Lara
    • Pink Lara
    • Pink Lara

    • (15)
    • RM69.00
  • Pastel Rainbow
    Pastel Rainbow
  • Confetty Metallic balloon Bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Confetty Metallic balloon Bunch
  • Rabbit bubble balloon2
    Rabbit 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • 3D Panda 243D Panda 24
    3D Panda 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • bullandrabbit_cadynumber_foilballoonbullandrabbit_cadynumber_foilballoon 2
    Cady Number Foil Garland Balloon with Design
  • customized your own 18Customised your own 18
    Customized Your Own 18″ Bubble
  • customized 24 bubble balloonCustomised your own 18
    Customized Your Own 24″ Bubble
  • Unicorn 24 Bubble Balloonglitter colour
    Unicorn 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Ameera 24balloon surprise box dodie 3
    Ameera 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Athirah 24 Bubble Balloonballoon surprise box dodie 3
    Athirah 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • IMG_20211206Pastel Macaron Bubble Balloon
    Macaron Bubble Garland
  • Comie Number Balloon BunchComie Number Balloon Bunch
    Comie Number Balloon Bunch
  • Casley Number Balloon Bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Casley Number Balloon Bunch
  • Unicornbox flowerchocolate | Bull & RabbitUnicornbox flowerchocolate 3 | Bull & Rabbit
    Unicorn Ferrero + Flower Balloon Box
  • Miley Bubble Balloon Bunch pinkMiley 20210809A
    Miley Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • unicornballoon flowerboxunicornballoon flowerbox 2
    Unicorn Balloon Flower Bloom Box
  • Rexley Balloon BunchRexley Bunch_BullandRabbit_balloon
    Rexley Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • transparent bubble balloon surprise boxSurprise Balloon Box
    Balloon Surprise Box Nala
  • dafina chrome bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Dafina Chrome Bunch
  • Clara Bubble Balloon Bunch -PinkRexley Balloon Bunch
    Clara Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • Covy Number Foil Balloon Bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Covy Number Foil Balloon Bunch
  • Number Foil Balloon BunchNumber Foil Balloon Bunch
    Number Foil Balloon Bunch
  • Greyson Bubble Balloon BunchClara Bubble Balloon Bunch -Pink
    Greyson Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • bullandrabbit_narey_balloonboxbullandrabbit_narey_balloonbox 2
    [NEW] Narey Balloon Snack Box
  • Aryn Bubble Balloon Bunch pinkAryn Blue
    Aryn Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • Surprise Balloon Box Macyballoon surprise box dodie
    Balloon Surprise Box Macy
  • Classic-Gold-Meera-BunchPink-Lara-Meera-Bunch
    Boble Balloon Bunch
Customized Decor Banner
  • Gender Reveal / Any Party DecorationGender Reveal / Any Party Decoration
    Gender Reveal / Any Party Decoration
  • Classic Balloon Garland Decorationballoon surprise box dodie
    Classic Balloon Garland Decoration
  • Jumbo Balloon Garland Decoration1.1 40 Inch Rose Gold Foil Balloon 2
    Jumbo Balloon Garland Decoration
  • Happy Birthday Balloon DecorationHappy Birthday Balloon Decoration
    Happy Birthday Balloon Decoration
  • 50 Metallic Latex Balloonballoon surprise box dodie
    Basic 50 Metallic Latex Balloons
Kids Bundle Pack Banner
  • Lion_BPLionCake_PG
    TBCF Little Lion Bundle ( Cake + Balloon )
Designer Cake Collections Banner


A Collection Of Kids Balloon Bunches For A Range of Occasions

We all love parties, don’t we? And no party is complete without balloons or balloon decorations. Balloons Whether it is about birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, baby homecoming, or any other special occasion, balloons work best for party decorations. If you want to plan a surprise for your loved ones on their special day or want to gift a special balloon box, we have got you covered! Celebrating special moments is now easy and convenient by using online balloon delivery kl services. 

Bull & Rabbit makes it possible for their customers and never let any inconvenience cause trouble to birthday or other parties. You can now easily plan the perfect surprise for your kid, friend, family member, or loved ones too! Giving a lovely balloon bouquet will work as a perfect surprise and will surely bring a smile to their face. We are your go-to option for the balloon bouquet delivery service! 

Bull & Rabbit has limitless ideas to convert your imagination to reality for your loved ones. Just simply book a balloon bouquet service to the receiver’s address and express your love and appreciation to them. A surprise customize balloon Malaysia bunch delivery is now hassle-free with us. Let us know about your budget requirements and we assure you the best delivery service. We profess to have the lovely kid’s balloon bunch to outspread the magic of love in the air. Pick from our wide collection range of online balloon bunch services to make your surprise unforgettable!