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  • Newborn Classic Pink Baby HamperNewborn Classic Pink Baby Hamper 2
    Newborn Classic Pink Baby Hamper
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  • Newborn Giraffe Baby Hamper 2Newborn Giraffe Baby Hamper
    Newborn Giraffe Baby Hamper
  • Newborn Triple Pink Baby HamperNewborn Triple Pink Baby Hamper 2
    Newborn Triple Pink Baby Hamper
  • Newborn Triple Nude Baby HamperNewborn Triple Nude Baby Hamper 2
    Newborn Triple Nude Baby Hamper
  • Newborn Triple Grey Baby HamperNewborn Triple Grey Baby Hamper 2
    Newborn Triple Grey Baby Hamper
New Born Gifts
  • Baby Christ Bundle_Hoppi 2bullandrabbit Baby Christ Bundle_Hoppi
    Baby Chris Bundle
  • Baby Gabrielle Bundle Hoppi 2Baby Gabrielle Bundle Hoppi
    Baby Gabrielle Bundle
  • bundle Joey Hoppi 2
    Baby Joey Bundle
New Born Gifts
  • Classic-Gold-Meera-BunchPink-Lara-Meera-Bunch
    Boble Balloon Bunch
  • Pink Lara
    Pink Lara
    • Pink Lara
    • Pink Lara

    • (15)
    • RM69.00
  • Classic Gold
    Classic Gold
  • Pastel Rainbow
    Pastel Rainbow
  • Happy Birthday Balloon DecorationHappy Birthday Balloon Decoration
    Happy Birthday Balloon Decoration
  • Clara Bubble Balloon Bunch -PinkRexley Balloon Bunch
    Clara Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • Athirah 24 Bubble Balloonballoon surprise box dodie 3
    Athirah 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Baby Girl Balloon
    Baby Girl Stroller Balloon – Include Helium
  • 10.1 Giant Unicorn Balloon
    Giant Unicorn- Include Helium
  • Unicorn designer cake imresizerUnicorn designer cake2 imresizer
    Unicorn Designer Cake
  • bullandrabbit_angelaballoon_flowerboxbullandrabbit_angelaballoon_flowerbox 2
    Angela Balloon Flower Bloom Box
  • Ameera 24balloon surprise box dodie 3
    Ameera 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • unicornballoon flowerboxunicornballoon flowerbox 2
    Unicorn Balloon Flower Bloom Box
  • Unicorn 24 Bubble Balloonglitter colour
    Unicorn 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Madeline Bubble Balloon Bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Madeline Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • Aryn Bubble Balloon Bunch pinkAryn Blue
    Aryn Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • BullandRabbit_TeddyBearJacket_Blue_PinkBullandRabbit_TeddyBearJacket_Blue
    Teddy Bear Jacket (Extra Large)
  • BullandRabbit_AmilyBalloonFlowerBoxjpgBullandRabbit_AmilyBallonBox2
    Amily Balloon Flower Box
  • bullandrabbit_culey_flowerballooboxbullandrabbit_culey_flowerballoobox 2
    Culey Balloon Fresh Flower Box
  • Blue Round balloon
    Baby Round Blue
  • Rayley Bubble Balloon Bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Rayley Bubble Balloon Bunch
  • 3D Panda 243D Panda 24
    3D Panda 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • IMG_20211206Pastel Macaron Bubble Balloon
    Macaron Bubble Garland
  • denley chrome bunchballoon surprise box dodie
    Denley Chrome Bunch
  • Derica Flower BoxDericaballoon_flowerbox
    Derica Balloon Flower Box
  • BullandRabbit_DammyBouquetBullandRabbit_DammyBouquet2
    Dammy Bouquet
  • BullandRabbit_Pastel BouquetBullandRabbit_PastelBouquet2
    Baby Breath Bouquet
  • BullandRabbit_StellaBouquetBullandRabbit_StellaBouquet.2jpg
    Stella Bouquet
  • feleniabouquetfeleniabouquet 2
    Felenia Bouquet
  • Rabbit bubble balloon2
    Rabbit 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Mermaid Tail Bunch-resize
    Mermaid Tail Bunch
  • New Balloon Website White-10-imresizerPastel Shell Bunch-resize
    Double Fairytale Bunch
  • Kirakira Flower Basket-imresizerKirakira 2-imresizer
    Kirakira Flower Basket (Soap Flower)
  • Butterfly Flower Bsket-imresizerButterfly 2-imresizer
    Butterfly Flower Basket (Soap Flower)
  • Bullandrabbit_Mylovelace_teddybearBullandrabbit_Mylovelace_teddybear2
    My Lovely Lace Scented Teddy Bear
  • Aruna Photo FrameAruna Photo Frame 787
    Aruna Photo Frame
  • BNR Balloon Hugballoon surprise box dodie
    BNR Balloon Hug
    • Sale!
      BNR Balloon Hug
    • BNR Balloon Hug

    • (3)
    • RM189.00
  • Mini Bunny flower boxMini bunny flower box 3
    Mini Baby Bunny Flower Box
  • mini pastel bouquet
    Mini Pastel Bouquet
  • Happy Sunshine flower basketHappy Sunshine flower basket 2
    Happy Sunshine Flower Basket (Fresh Flower)
  • Gender Balloon Pinkava bubble balloon
    Ava 24” Bubble Balloon
  • customized bubble ballooncustomized_bubble balloon 2
    Customized Bubble Garland
Fruits Box Banner
  • Warm Wishes (fruit basket)
    Warm Wishes (Fruits Basket)
  • Well Wishes fruit box
    Well Wishes (Fruits Basket)
  • You are my sunshine fruits boxRed Fairy Tale 2
    You Are My Sunshine (Fruits Box)
  • Red Fairy TaleRed Fairy Tale 2
    Red Fairy Tale (Fruits Box)


Designer Cakes And Balloons As Newborns’ Gifts 

Giving newborns designer cakes and balloons as gifts has become a new trend among parents. This is because these gifts are not only unique and fashionable, but they are also practical and can be used by parents.

Most designer balloons come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. They are also made from different materials, such as latex, mylar, or even cloth. And because of their unique designs, these gifts can be used as decorations in the nursery or as playthings for the baby. Our balloons are filled with helium and your kid will definitely enjoy a flying balloon. Place your order now as we offer the best helium balloon delivery Malaysia!

These gifts are unique and will make the parents’ friends and family members take notice. Also, they are fashionable and stylish. Designer cakes and balloons are often given to mark the occasion of the child’s birth and to show the parents how much they are loved and appreciated. Most of them are made to order and can be personalized with the child’s name and photo.

They can be a bit pricey, but they are definitely worth the investment as they will be cherished memories for the child and the parents alike. If you are looking for cake or balloon delivery to your doorstep, then look no further than Bull and Rabbit services. We offer the best cake delivery kl services.

New Born Gifts