• Celestial Love (Fresh Flower)Celestial Love (Fresh Flower)
    Celestial Love (Fresh Flower)
  • Milky Way (Fresh Flower)Milky Way (Fresh Flower)
    Milky Way (Fresh Flower)
  • Rosy beauties Bouquet (Fresh Flower)Rosy beauties Bouquet (Fresh Flower)
    Rosy beauties Bouquet (Fresh Flower)
  • Passionate Bouquet  (Fresh Flower)Passionate Bouquet  (Fresh Flower)
    Passionate Bouquet  (Fresh Flower)
  • Purple Charm Bouquet (Fresh Flower)Purple Charm Bouquet (Fresh Flower)
    Purple Charm Bouquet (Fresh Flower)
  • Sweet Honey Balloon Flower Box soap flowerSweet Honey Balloon Flower Box soap flower 2
    Sweet Honey Balloon Flower Box (Soap Flower)
  • balloonbox money 3Balloonbox Money 2
    Balloon Money Box
  • Jeune Balloon Flower BoxJeune Balloon Flower Box 2
    Jeune Balloon Flower Box (soap flower)
  • Amour Rouge Balloon Flower BoxAmour Rouge Balloon Flower Box 2
    Amour Rouge Balloon Flower Box (Soap Flower)
  • Amber flower bouquetAmber flower bouquet 2
    Amber bouquet (Fresh Flower)
  • Bullandrabbit_foreveryouBullandrabbit_foreveryou 3
    Forever You (Soap Flower)
  • Bullandrabbit_520bouquet 2-imresizer (1)bullandrabbit_520bouquet 3
    520 Bouquet (Soap Flower)
  • Balloon Photo Box | Bull & Rabbit KLBalloon Photo Box | Bull & Rabbit KL
    Balloon Photo Box
  • bullandrabbit_loveyou_flowerbouquetbullandrabbit_loveyou_flowerbouquet 2
    Love You Bouquet (Fresh flower)
  • bullandrabbit_loveframebullandrabbit_loveframe2
    Love Frame
    • Sale!
      Love Frame
    • Love Frame

    • (2)
    • RM109.00


Qixi Chinese Valentine’s Day

With Qixi Chinese Valentine’s Day upon us, it’s a perfect opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care and appreciate them. If you’re at a loss for that perfect sweet gift to wow that special someone, we’ve shortlisted some of the most unique gift ideas that are sure to win their hearts 🌹💟

We offer flower bouquet delivery, surprise gift box Malaysia, and various other kinds of gifts and their delivery services in Kuala Lumpur to make this Chinese Valentine’s Day unforgettable.