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  • Athirah 24 Bubble Balloonballoon surprise box dodie 3
    Athirah 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Ameera 24balloon surprise box dodie 3
    Ameera 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • customized your ballooncustomized your balloon
    Customized your own 36″ Balloon
  • Unicorn 24 Bubble Balloonglitter colour
    Unicorn 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Leanne 24 Bubble Balloonballoon surprise box dodie 3
    Leanne 24″ Bubble Balloon filled with Helium Gas
  • customized 24 bubble balloonCustomised your own 18
    Customized Your Own 24″ Bubble
  • [NEW] Kingston 18 Inch Bubble Balloon filled with Helium Gas[NEW] Kingston 18 Inch Bubble Balloon filled with Helium Gas
    [NEW] Kingston 18 Inch Bubble Balloon filled with Helium Gas
  • customized your own 18Customised your own 18
    Customized Your Own 18″ Bubble
  • Classic Glitter Bubble Balloonglitter colour
    Classic Glitter 24″ Bubble Balloon filled with normal air
  • Louise Confettyconfetti colour
    Louise Confetty 24″ Bubble Balloon Filled with Helium Gas
  • Will You Marry me (w)Will You Marry me (w)
    Classic 18 Inch Themed Bubble Balloon
  • Shiney Glitter 24glitter colour
    Shiney Glitter 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Lovey Dovey Bubble BalloonLovey Dovey Bubble Balloon 2
    Lovey Dovey 10″ Bubble Balloon
  • Marble Bubble BalloonMarble Bubble Balloon2
    Marble 10″ Bubble Balloon
  • Smiley bubbleballoonSmiley bubbleballoon 2
    Smiley 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Rabbit bubble balloon2
    Rabbit 24″ Bubble Balloon
  • Gender Balloon Pinkava bubble balloon
    Ava 24” Bubble Balloon
  • Cheerful 24Cheerful 24
    Cheerful 24″ Bubble Balloon


Transparent  Bubble Balloon

With these translucent bubble balloons, you are able to create different themes and sections. Keeping in mind that you can easily add latex, metallic, or plain balloons with the translucent bubble balloon. Creating unique and charming sets that offer a unique touch to the space.

In addition, these transparent bubble balloons are simply perfect when you are unable to find perfectly matching balloons. Fill them with confetti that matches your theme and color pallet and watch them add a popping touch to your decor. We also offer bubble balloon bouquet delivery at the doorsteps. Place your order now and get it delivered to your place.

Bull and Rabbit offer you a wide range of balloons selections that include custom transparent bubble balloons. These balloons can be ordered with a confetti or balloon fillings, creating a stunning personalized bubble balloon that will blow your friends and family away. They are dedicated to offer you a balloon bunch for any event and work hard to offer you exactly what you have been looking for. Take a look at their wide range of collection, and you will be able to find the perfect balloon bunch for any occasion you might have in mind. Choose us for balloon delivery Kl services!

To make life easier for you Bull & Rabbit offer delivery service in the Kuala Lumpur & Selangor. Allowing you the unique opportunity to get balloons to deliver to your loved ones. Making sure that you do not miss out on any special event, when you are away or too busy to get things done yourself. With their add-ons, you can even add gifts to complete your wonderful gesture.