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  • casabella bridal bouquet 2casabella bridal bouquet
    Casabella Bridal Bouquet (Fresh Flower)
  • rowan bridal bouquet 2rowan bridal bouquet
    Rowan Bridal Bouquet (Fresh Flower)
  • penelope bridal bouquet 2penelope bridal bouquet
    Penelope Bridal Bouquet (Fresh Flower)
  • belinda bridal bouquet 2belinda bridal bouquet
    Belinda Bridal Bouquet (Fresh Flower)
  • maddy corsage freshflowermaddy corsage
    Maddy Corsage
  • marilyn corsage freshflowermarilyn corsage
    Marilyn Corsage
  • bullandrabbit hanniboutonierebullandrabbit Hanni Boutoniere freshflower
    Hanni Boutoniere
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  • modern pearls wedding cake
    Modern Pearls Wedding Cake
  • glamorous mix floral wedding cake
    Glamorous Mix Floral Wedding Cake
  • secret garden wedding cake
    Secret Garden Wedding Cake
  • rose & drip half dressed wedding cakehalf dressed wedding cake
    Rose & Drip Half-Dressed Wedding Cake
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  • Basic 50 Metallic Latex Balloon 2dino chrome bunch
    Basic 50 Chrome Latex Balloons
  • Marriage Proposal Party DecorationMarriage Proposal Party Decoration
    Marriage Proposal Party Decoration
  • Will You Marry Me 3Will You Marry Me 2
    Will You Marry Me Decoration
  • Wedding Proposal BalloonWedding Proposal Balloon
    Wedding Proposal Balloon Medio
  • Happy Birthday Balloon DecorationHappy Birthday Balloon Decoration
    Happy Birthday Balloon Decoration
  • 50 Metallic Latex Balloonballoon surprise box dodie
    Basic 50 Metallic Latex Balloons


Add Charm To Your Wedding With Unique Bouquets And Cakes 

Our wedding cakes are designed to capture the unique beauty of your special day. From traditional tiered cakes to modern masterpieces, we have a wide variety of styles to choose from. And of course, no wedding would be complete without a beautiful bouquet.  

Bouquets are an essential part of any wedding. They add a touch of elegance and romance to the day. But with so many different types of bouquets to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. So, whether you’re looking for a traditional bouquet or something a little more unique, the Bull and Rabbit e-store is the right place for you. They also offer bouquet delivery kl services so that you can pay attention to other important things and we will deliver your order to your doorsteps. Our collection features a variety of stunning arrangements that will make your wedding day even more memorable.

For the most part, the wedding cake and bouquet collections that we offer are pre-set. However, if you have specific requests or would like something customized, we are more than happy to work with you to create the perfect wedding cake and bouquet for your big day. Also, we offer the best flower and cake delivery kl. So, place your order now and get it delivered to your place.